Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Team Feedsack?

Love 'em or hate 'em - feedsacks don't have many quilters in the middle! If you are Team Feedsack, you love them! You want to see them, to own them, to use them in your quilts. I love vintage fabric, and one subset of that love is feedsacks. I have my favorites, which reflect my likes in current commercial fabrics. I like color and I like bright. I like novelty prints. I prefer geometric to floral. That said, I'll share some of my favorites & maybe even some of my not-so-favorites!

What's not to love about this Hawaiian print! Think vacation, relaxing, sitting on the beach!

Or maybe a vacation cruise is more your style? Sailboats anyone? I was excited to see this feedsack on Page 81 of Susan Miller's Vintage Feed Sacks! And again in a different colorway on Page 91.

My geometric favorites are plaids. I LOVE LOVE LOVE 1950s plaids! This yellow and black plaid feedsack makes me want to make a yellow and black quilt. Or maybe I should work on the yellow and gray quilt already started?

Here is another interesting geometric. I'm not too wild about the color scheme of Avacado Green and Harvest Gold, but the design is funky!

I'm not into floral fabrics - this sunflower feedsack is an exception. Probably that grid behind the flowers makes it more appealing to me!

I have to show you some floral feedsacks because they are really popular with everyone but me. I don't hate them, I just don't love them!

You can find most of these feedsacks and other vintage fabrics on my website. Feel free to browse, even if you are Team I Hate Feedsacks! I'm hoping I can make a few people think differently about feedsacks!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Aprons - What's Not To Love?

What's not to love about apron patterns? I love vintage apron patterns - they make me think of my grandmother, who almost always wore an apron.

If you can't find a vintage pattern, there are many current retro patterns:

And newer apron patterns make me drool with the wide array of styles available! There are Mother and Daughter Aprons:

Gardening Aprons:

His and Her Aprons:

And oh, the lovely patterns for aprons for little girls!

All these and more can be seen on my website DellaJane Cloth & Patterns. Please visit! I find lots of uncut apron patterns - if you are making aprons, I'd love to hear from you and see a photo of your creation!