Saturday, July 26, 2014

Paper Dolls

I loved Betsy McCall paper dolls as a kid. I remember cutting them out of magazine pages. Maybe I didn't see every issue of McCall's or I had to share them with sisters. But they seemed rare and precious. There is something about the task of carefully cutting out a doll. I remember being oh-so-careful when cutting the slits in the stand so Betsy would stand up securely. Cutting out her clothes. Making sure the tabs didn't get cut off, then folding them carefully over so they wouldn't show when the doll was dressed. Playing with them until they were tattered. And waiting eagerly for the next issue!

When I got older, I discovered Tim Tierney and Dover books. OMG. I no longer cut dolls out, I just paged through his books. I love the costumes and the glamor and the history. His American Family Dolls from different eras.

His books of Fashions from Decades are so much fun! Dresses by Schiaparelli, Dior, Adrian, Balmain, Chanel. A red carpet on paper!

Tim Tierney, King of Paper Dolls, died last week. He left a legacy of paper dolls for all ages. Collect the books. Cut them out, play with the dolls. Or not! Maybe, like me you just turn the pages and remember being a kid.

See the Paper Doll Books I have for sale at DellaJane. Have fun and cut carefully!