Sunday, August 24, 2014

Are Ewoks Cuter Than Pandas?

The great debate: which is cuter, an ewok or a panda?

Pandas are Cute. Very Cute! With a capital C! I traveled to China a couple of years ago and was lucky to see live pandas at China's Taihu Lake Wetland Park. My guide thought I was nuts to watch the Giant Pandas doing nothing. And I took tons of pictures, you can see more on Pandas by Alice on Flickr

Even stuffed pandas are cute. I've never seen a pattern for a stuffed ewok, so the panda wins Round 1.

Costume pandas, maybe not so cute. So un-cute that they have to share a pattern with other animals.

But Ewok costumes! Woo-eee! Again, Very Cute! With a capital C! The Ewok costume rocks!

Round 2 to the ewoks! Tie Game!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

1964 Mail Order Patterns

Last week I bought a small box of old patterns. Most of them were embroidery transfers by Vogart, Superior, Aunt Martha. There were a few very old Butterick, Elite Style and Pictorial Review transfer patterns as well. The fun find was a section of newspaper from the April 19, 1964 edition of the Grit Family Section. Page 14 had ten mail order patterns and an order form (Patterns cost $0.25 each and you could order a Fashion Book or Needlework Album for $0.35.).

Mail Order 8256 used Color Blocking in a "clever play set". Mail Order 8500 was a bonnet and apron combination, ideal for the bazaar table. It is very hard to date mail order patterns. Sometimes the postmark gives a clue, but finding them in print is solid! Not exact, because mail order patterns were often printed for several years after a publication date. According to the Vintage Pattern Wikia , this pattern was also published in 1982 by Grit, a span of almost 20 years!

Two dresses frocks, Mail Order 8247 and 8235. When did the word "frock" fall out of favor? Another illustration was really for two patterns: A Mother & Daughter set, Mail Order 8306 and 8307, for look-alike princess styles.

The bottom of the same page had five more patterns. My hands-down favorite is the "adorable pinafore and bag set", Mail Order 2804H, for Sizes 1-2-3. It makes me wish I had a little girl to sew for! The other patterns: Mail Order 375N, for a gay drawstring crocheted handbag; Mail Order 111H, a beautiful pansy applique quilt; Mail Order 214H, crocheted and embroidered ladies for the young lady of the house; Mail Order 5010N, heart-shaped smocked pillows.

A fun find and great addition to my collection of clippings! What interesting clippings do you have?